Survivor (shanbeyb) wrote in baguio,

From All-Boys/Girls To Co-ed!

I have more friends who are graduates of SLU-Boys' High than SLU-Girls' High. Take note that the two high schools used to carry the name of SLU.

What's so special about Boys' High or Girls' High? Probably, it's in the (colonial?) mentality of the Baguio people because Saint Louis University (SLU) is managed by the Belgian CICM priests. These Belgian priests are not only academically competent but they are also good in business management. By the way, for the very first time, a Filipino priest was selected middle of this year as SLU-President!

SLU employees enjoy a 100% tuition fee scholarship for their children who are enrolled in any SLU schools except for Girls' High. Girls' High was not directly managed by the CICM priests.

Some three years ago, Boys' High and Girls' High were merged into one school in Saint Joseph Village in Navy Base. Does it mean that Girls' High is now managed by the CICM? So, does it follow that Girls' High students now enjoy the 100% free tution fee just in case their parent/s is/are SLU employee/s?

I personally SUPPORT this merging. They should have done it a decade ago! What's the use of enrolling your child into an all-girls or all-boys school? After four years, they will be enrolled in a co-ed school. And they missed four years of their high-school life with lack of interaction with the opposite sex! I don't think it's good. I had seen fresh graduates of the former Boys'High and Girls' High who were attention-hungry for the opposite sex.
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