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Baguio Story 1

Bf and I have just arrived from Baguio. Well, the weather there is not yet cold, contrary to my expectations. I'm gonna show you some pictures and behind each picture is a story. I chose this picture below of Session Road because Session Road is the most popular road in Baguio City.

Session Road Story:

I was a young girl of 11 when I first heard of Session Road. Charina Carlos (yes, the IBC-13 reporter), a classmate, used to tell me about her vacations in the City of Pines. There was a time when I nagged my mother to bring us to Baguio for our summer vacation. She promised us but that did not materialized. 

My first step on Baguio was on May, 1994. It was enrollment week in SLU. My mother got me a dorm along Mabini Street. I discovered Session Road by chance when I tried to explore the city. To tell you the truth, I was disappointed and disillusioned by Session Road! I was expecting something grand and modern just like the streets of Manhattan or Tokyo. What I saw were vendors selling therapeutic solution in a bottle, strange accessories and beads. The road was narrow and traffic was slow!

I never appreciated Session Road until homesickness attacked me. Why and how? Well, it was in Session where I could meet my classmates and friends in an instant.In my time, it was Session Road that used to be the favourite hang-out of students. The most famous pizza parlor in my time was Don Henrico's. Now that students have a lot to choose from a variety of pizza parlors; Don Hen has lost its appeal among the young crowd.

Who could ever forget that Session used to have two movie theaters: the Pines Cinema and the Session Cinema. I wonder why the owner of those cinemas did not bother to enhance them to make them look more appealing to the movie-going public. Now, you guys have SM Cinema to cater you. 

What else? Session Road is strategically located to the heart of the city and it's connected to the other major roads like Magsaysay Avenue, Mabini Street, Leonard Wood Road, Gen.Luna Road and others. 

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Baguio is a small and utterly overpopulated city. The city was designed for 25,000 people only.. but now it has a whooping 300,000 heads. As an original resident(as in my forefathers were here even BEFORE the Americans came, I really with that there'd ba a bill regarding inmigration. It sounds discriminitive but that's the only way. People should learn how to upgrade their own towns so that they could make it economically well off. Baguio had several times stared from scratch(by its contruction, after the war, the earthquake, the meninggo)...
300K heads? woah!
No offense, huh but Baguio today is not as "enchanting" as before.
Wala nang magic. It must be the overpopulation that's eating away Baguio's charm. The pine trees are gone, John Hay is commercialized (1997), the mountains are replaced by subdivisions/housings.

Buti pa sa South Drive, I could still feel that I'm in Baguio.

As an original resident(as in my forefathers were here even BEFORE the Americans came,

So, are you a Kankana-ey or Ibaloi? My best friend, who's from Loakan, is Ibaloi. (And she's one of the PRETTIEST!)
Ibaloi.. the original residents of Baguio are actually Ibaloi.

Kankanaeys are in the northeaster part of Benguet. the subprovince of Lepanto(the Kankanaey homeland) is the present NE Benguet and Western Mountain Province.

"No offense, huh but Baguio today is not as "enchanting" as before."

Very true. That's why I really think it is urgent to haev an inmigration bill or else Baguio will end up as overpolulated as Metro Manila... 12% of the countries population live on that metropolitan.
Oh I forgot. Honestly, I think Don Hen is overrated. I'm a pasta/pizza affictionado, but I don't know... Don Hen doesn't appeal to me. Pizza Hut pa is better. Pati Pizza Volante, I've tsated it there but I don't really like. It seems that people are after the "name" not really the quality of the food.

Good Taste is still the best... kahit sabihin pa nilang lungga ng mga Igorot yun... masarap pa and truly affordable. You can have 6 servings for 300 pesos.

Pagdating sa groceries, Sunshine pa rin. I really witnessed how it started from a small grocerie store until how it had a hotel, several Mcdo franchises, supplies store, Kodak
Oh I forgot. Honestly, I think Don Hen is overrated.

Hmmm...So, it must be among us in CEA only.
If you still remember, there used to be Shakey's along Bonifacio. It used to be our favourite hang out, too. (When budget was tight, we would just go to Marosan's, just beside Shakey's.)

Sunshine Supermart? Is it the one located in Abanao? I used to buy my groceries in Baguio New City Supermarket. Well, my sidetrip there was to catch a glimpse of the owner's son's cute face.=p

Good Taste is still the best... kahit sabihin pa nilang lungga ng mga Igorot yun..

You know, I don't get it why some people discriminate Igorots.
Shakeys.... I like their chicken but I like KFC more..hehe

Yup sunshine is the one at Abanao. Back in the early 90's it is as small as those grocieries at the market. Now, they have a hotel!

You know, I don't get it why some people discriminate Igorots.

The mainstream Filipinos are really funny. They cry about the discrimination by non-Filipinos but they just to the same to the "unconquered" people. When you're dark, they call you AETA, when you're muslim, they call you rebelde; when you're Igorot, they call you backwards, barbaric, uncivilized. I even remember a post on a discussion board where one mentioned that the Igorots daw have "kinky" hair and are extremely dark. WTF? Yeah, there are dark Igorots particularly those from Kalinga and Ifugao(they look like lowlanders, actually) but your typical Benguet-Mt. Province Igorots are actually far more light skinned than your typical morena Filipino. There are thsoe who are tan, but it's uncommon to meet Igorots who have light olive and/or yellow skin

Ironically, they take pride that "their" ancestors built the Rice terraces in the Cordilleras(as well as the mummies) but discriminate on the true blue descendants of the pioneers of those paddies. Hehehe.. Suddenly, they become Igorots; but they dislike them? Weird mentality, really.
Are you familiar with the Hamadas in Baguio? (owner/publisher of Midland Courier) Are they native or not? Derrick Hamada appeared on a Penshoppe commercial sometime in the mid-90's.

but your typical Benguet-Mt. Province Igorots are actually far more light skinned than your typical morena Filipino.

I agree. They also have hazel- brown eyes! Is it because of intermarriage with the Americans (white) or are they naturally light-skinned?

Nah... it's really the complexion. Not really result of intermarriage

I know the Hamadas and I'm related by blood but not really close. The Hamadas are natives(Ibaloi) with Japanese admixture. Familiar with Sinai Hamada? He's their half Japanese half Ibaloi forefather.
Aaaww I miss those two cinemas...Not too comfy there, but I don't know, they had this charm. I lived in Baguio 1998-2002 (and most of 2005) and Pizza Volante was/is still our favorite pizza place. (-:

And yeah, Session Road is ♥
1998-2002? I was there during 1994-2000. Where did you stay in there?

The first movie that I watched in Baguio was "Four weddings and a Funeral." I was with two of my male classmates in engineering. I forgot which cinema it was shown.Yeah, it was uncomfortable watching movie in Pines or Session. Prince Albert in Magsaysay has better facilities.
I lived in UP dorm, cabinet hill, engineer's hill and hillside. (-:

how about you? we might have bumped into each other at session. :p
I lived in PV Dorm in Mabini Street when I was a freshman.
Then, I transferred to Sanitary Camp.
I miss the smell of the pine trees every morning.
Pine trees....yes, I like its fresh scent.
I miss Baguio..

Just remembered my Tito Vincent who died at the 1990 Earthquake at Hyatt hotel.. Birthday nya ngayon :(
Hyatt in South Drive?
Ex-bf (college sweetheart)and I went there to see the remnants.