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Burnham Park Is Deteriorating

Year 1994-2000: Burnham Park, Baguio City

Burnham Park was just a few meters away from my dormitary at Mabini Street. My roomies Jocelyn Castillo, Mary Grace Macario, Jacqueline Guyo, Haydee and Cristy and I used to spend our evening at the park. Baguio natives usually don't go to that park.

I was particularly closest to Ate Grace. She was like an older sister to me. She and Ate Joy (Jocelyn) usually lead the group to the evening stroll at the park. Being students, we were contented to have pan de sal from Swiss Baker in Session Road. At that time, Burnham for me was like a park in fairy tale story: enchanting and magical.

The pine trees were there. Pine leaves were softly as cool air created some goosebumps on my skin. It was much much colder during the 90's as compared to now. I almost had a frostbite back then. Roses were an ordinary sight and as well as flowers of different sizes and colours. The grasses were kept short, the thrashes were tolerable. Solibao was identified as "the restaurant in Burnham."

October 2008:

My last visit in Burnham was in December 2006. My then bf and I went boating at the artificial lake. I expected that the beauty that I saw all throughout my college years and occasional visits was still there. To my disappointment, things have dramatically changed in my once favourite park.
  • The grasses were not cut short. It looked awful and dirty to see tall grasses.
  • There was garbage everywhere.
  • The pavements need some repairing.
  • Where are the flowers? I've seen only 1/3 of what I saw some two years ago.
  • The restroom (still) stinks.


I hope the city government will do something about this. =(

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