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Baguio Memories

City of Pines

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Some Few Facts About The City Of Pines

*Baguio is located in Northern Luzon.
*Baguio means "bag-iw," a type of local moss.
*Baguio is located in the heart of Benguet.
*The original inhabitants of Baguio are the Igorots, Kankana-eys and Ibalois.
*Baguio is a melting pot. Aside from the Igorots, Ibalois and Kankana-eys, the Ilocanos, Tagalogs,
Pangasinenses and Muslims occupy the place.
*Baguio's temperature can range from 9 to 16 degrees centigrade.

Famous Places in Baguio:
1. Camp John Hay
2. Burnham Park
3. Botanical Garden
4. Orchidarium
5. Mine's View Park
6. Wright Park
7. Buddhist Temple
8. Pink Sister's Chapel
9. Philippine Military Academy

Famous Schools in Baguio:
1. Saint Louis University - Filipino School managed by Belgian CICM priests
2. University of Baguio - owned by Virgilio Bautista
3. University of the Cordillera (formerly BCF) - owned by Benjamin Salvosa
4. Brent School Baguio

Famous Hotels in Baguio:
1. Camp John Hay Manor
2. Hotel Supreme
3. Prime Hotel
4. Prince Plaza Hotel

Famous Hospitals in Baguio:
1. (Saint Louis University) SLU Hospital of the Sacred Heart
2. Baguio General Hospital

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