takbotayo (takbotayo) wrote in baguio,

climate change

Climate Change is a global issue that is currently affecting our lives. It is the warming of our planet caused by an increased concentration of certain gases in the atmosphere which traps heat. the major cause of climate change is carbon dioxide from coal,oil and natural gas. Much of the power used in the Philippines are from these sources contributing to the climate change in asia.
Yet there is so much renewable energy potential here in the Philippines. We are an agricultural country where we can derive a lot of biomass fuel. We are on the fringes of the Asia Pacific monsoonal belt thus a good source of wind power. And being an archipelago near the equator, Solar energy is very viable. Thus we want to push the Department of Energy, an agency of the Philippine government, to implement the goal of renewable energy in the Philippines. We want the Philippines to be powered with at least 10% of renewable energy. We want a clean energy revolution. Help us join our cause!
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