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living in baguio for almost my entire life, i've seen how the city has undergone a lot of changes through the years... gone were the days when hailstorms frequent our afternoons, with the delight of every kid--- we may not have snow, but for a 5 year-old child, trying to catch this seemingly small "ice falling from the sky" is as close as catching a snow... also, we rarely see mountains clothed with mist and fogs... but the cool air still lingers, well, not as cool as before, but i still have to bring with me a cardigan if i go out.

but there are also new "develoments" i have come to appreciate, for instnce, the new "pavements/path"  in session road, as well as in mabini st...to me, not only is it safe, (especially when wet), but it adds to that "european" setting session road has...

and as i travel to some regions of this country, i can't help but compare each destination to baguio. much as i hate seeing baguio being "overly urbanized and overhauled", i seem to find something lacking in these other places that only baguio can offer( like the weather, for one)...[ however, up to now, thoguh many years have passed,  i still cannot understand the whole "concrete" pine tree up there in session road, and am honestly embarassed to have it in the center of the city]...

lately, i began to take pictures of the sunset... i guess i was trying to relive those days, when one looks up at the sky and see a picturesque view... or perhaps it's just a matter of finding the beauty this city has to offer despite it all... where else should one start but through nature:

    view from sm veranda... 

from the backyard...

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